DENNIS MILLER – Emmy Award-Winning Comedian

Mon. March 14, 2005 at Thousand Oaks 8:00 pm
Tues. March 15, 2005 at Redondo Beach 8:00 pm
Wed. March 16, 2005 at Pasadena 8:00 pm

It has been said that Miller is "one of the premiere comedy talents in America today.” Like Lenny Bruce and George Carlin before him, his sharp-witted, quick-tongued, hilariously poignant, and always politically incorrect voice chips away at some of our most ridiculous cultural obsessions. What has made him both a public and critical favorite is his poignant approach to political issues. Miller is a best-selling author, five-time Emmy award-winning talk show host, six-year "Weekend Update" correspondent on "Saturday Night Live", wisecracking analyst for ABC's Monday Night Football and the current host of CNBC's “Dennis Miller”.

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