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 Political Humorist and Pulitzer Prize Winner   

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He’s funny. He’s clever.  He’s a household name.  Art Buchwald is one of America’s great political humorists.  His unique interpretations of current events and life in contemporary times have delighted readers as well as live audiences for decades.  His twice-weekly column is syndicated in virtually every major newspaper in the world.

Art Buchwald was born in Queens, New York.   He and his sisters were raised in a series of foster homes after their mother became unable to care for them.  A child of the Depression, he worked from age nine until he ran away at 16 and served in the U.S. Marines during World War II.  After the Marines he enrolled at the University of Southern California and eventually traveled to Paris where he lived for 14 years.

While reading the Paris Herald Tribune, Buchwald noticed that the paper did not have a restaurant or entertainment column.  He went down and sold himself on writing such a column, pointing out he had outstanding credentials having once been a food taster in the Marine Corps.  The column developed into a feature column four times a week.  Buchwald went to Africa, the Soviet Union, and even Hong Kong.   Paris Match once described him as “the Charlie Chaplin of the Newspaper Business.” In 1962, Buchwald came back to the United States and settled in Washington where things got funnier, and so did his column.

In his legendary career, Buchwald has written 30 books, including his latest works, Leaving Home and I’ll Always Have Paris.

An award-winning writer, Buchwald won a Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Commentary in 1982, and in 1987, was inducted into the Academy of Arts and Letters.



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