The Duchess of York

Mon. January 21, 2008 at Thousand Oaks 8:00 pm
Tues. January 22, 2008 at Redondo Beach 8:00 pm
Wed. January 23, 2008 at Pasadena 8:00 pm

The Duchess of York, has established herself as a businesswoman and global humanitarian dedicating herself to children’s charities and global campaigns for family wellness. She will talk candidly about her life and how she coped with the most challenging times - the deep rooted effect of her childhood, her sudden catapult onto the international public stage, the brief honeymoon period with the media before the personal sabotage and ensuing years of vilification by the press, the tragic death of loved ones, and the re-building of her U.S. charity after its World Trade Center offices were destroyed.  Along with children’s books, the Duchess published two candid best-sellers, My Story and What I Know Now.